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Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering
"Next-Generation Drug Screening Platform"

The creation of artificial organ tissues with human-like cellular functionality has been hampered by the complex, three-dimensional architecture of the human liver. We pursue a combination of microfabrication and nanotechnology approaches to overcome this challenge using mainly polymer hydrogel scaffolds. We also explore the potential of other bioinspired materials as alternative scaffold options.

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Yang J, Huang W, Peng K, Cheng Z, Lin L, Yuan J, Sun Y*, Cho NJ* (* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Versatile Agar-Zwitterion Hybrid Hydrogels for Temperature Self-Sensing and Electro-Responsive Actuation"  

Adv. Funct. Mater.2024, 2313725



Jang TS, Park SJ, Lee JE, Yang J, Park SH, Jun MBG, Kim YW, Aranas C, Choi JP, Zou Y, Advincula RC, Zheng Y, Jang HL, Cho NJ, Jung HD*, and Kim SH* 

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Topography-Supported Nanoarchitectonics of Hybrid Scaffold for Systematically Modulated Bone Regeneration and Remodeling."  

Advanced Functional Materials, 2022: 2206863.



Niu XM, Ferracci G, Lin M, Rong XN, Zhu MX, Cho NJ*, Lee BH*

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Highly Substituted Decoupled Gelatin Methacrylamide Free of Hydrolabile Methacrylate Impurities: An Optimum Choice for Long-Term Stability and Cytocompatibility." 

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2020, 167, 479-490.


Ferracci G, Zhu MX, Ibrahim MS, Ma GJ, Fan TF, Lee BH*, Cho NJ*


Cover Illustration

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Photocurable Albumin Methacryloyl Hydrogels as a Versatile Platform for Tissue Engineering." 

Applied Bio Material 2020; 3, 920-934.


Zhu M, Wang Y, Ferracci G, Zheng J, Cho NJ, Lee BH

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Bhattacharjee A, Easwaran A, Leow M KS, Cho NJ

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Ng SS, Saeb-Parsy K, Segal J, Serra MP, Catanese MT, Blackford S, Lopez MH, No DY, Nakauchi H, Frank CW, Cho NJ, Glenn JS, Rashid ST

"Human iPS Derived Progenitors Bioengineered into Liver Organoids using an Inverted Colloidal Crystal Poly(ethylene glycol) Scaffold." 

Biomaterials 2018; 182, 299-311.


Zheng J, Zhu M, Ferracci G, Cho NJ*, Lee BH*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2018; 219(18), 1800266.


Vafaei S, Tabaei S, Guneta V, Choong C, Cho NJ

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Langmuir 2018; 34(11), 3507-3516.


Ng SS, Xiong A, Nguyen K, Masek M, No DY, Elazar M, Shteyer E, Winters MA, Voedisch A, Shaw K, Rashid ST, Frank CW, Cho NJ*, Glenn JS*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Long-term Culture of Human Liver Tissue with Advanced Hepatic Functions." 

The American Society for Clinical Investigation 2017; 2(11), e90853.


Lee BH*, Shirahama H*, Kim MH, Lee JH, Cho NJ**, Tan LP**


(* denotes equal first authors ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Colloidal Templating of Highly Ordered Gelatin Methacryloyl-Based Hydrogel Platforms for Three-Dimensional Tissue Analogues." 

NPG Asia Materials 2017; 9, e412.


Vafaei S, Tabaei SR, Biswas KH, Groves JT, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"Dynamic Cellular Interactions with Extracellular Matrix Triggered by Biomechanical Tuning of Low-Rigidity, Supported Lipid Membranes." 

Advanced Healthcare Materials 2017; 6(10), 1700243.


Wang Y*, Kim MH*, Shirahama H, Lee JH, Ng SS, Glenn JS, Cho NJ


(* denotes equal first authors)

"ECM Proteins in a Microporous Scaffold Influence Hepatocyte Morphology, Function, and Gene Expression." 

Scientific Reports 2016; 6, 37427. 


Wang Y, Lee JH, Shirahama H, Seo JE, Glenn JS, Cho NJ

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ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2016; 2(12), 2255-2265.


Wang Y, Kim MH, Tabaei SR, Park JH, Na KH, Chung S, Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ

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PLoS ONE 2016; 11(8), e0161915.


Jo JH, Xiao Y, Sun AX, Cukuroglu E, Tran HD, Goke J, Tan ZY, Saw TY, Tan CP, Lokman H, Lee YH, Kim DH, Ko HS, Kim SO, Park JH, Cho NJ, Hyde TM, Kleinman JE, Shin JH, Weinberger DR, Tan EK, Je HS, Ng HH

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Cell Stem Cell 2016; 19(2), 248-257.


Shirahama H*, Lee BH*, Tan LP**, Cho NJ**


(* denotes equal first authors ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Precise Tuning of Facile One-Pot Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) Synthesis." 

Scientific Reports 2016; 6, 31036. 


Shirahama H, Kumar SK, Jeon WY, Kim MH, Lee JH, Ng SS, Tabaei SR, Cho NJ

"Fabrication of Inverted Colloidal Crystal Poly (Ethylene Glycol) Scaffold: A Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Platform for Liver Tissue Engineering." 

Journal of Visualized Experiments 2016; 114, e54331.


Pawar AA, Saada G, Cooperstein I, Larush L, Jackman JA, Tabaei SR, Cho NJ, Magdassi S

"High-Performance 3D Printing of Hydrogels by Water-Dispersible Photoinitiator Nanoparticles." 

Science Advances 2016; 2(4), e1501381.


Kim MH, Kumar SK, Shirahama H, Seo JE, Lee JH, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"Phenotypic Regulation of Liver Cells in a Biofunctionalized Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Platform." 

Integrative Biology 2016; 8(2), 156-166. 


Kim MH, Kumar SK, Shirahama H, Seo JE, Lee JH, Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ

"Biofunctionalized Hydrogel Microscaffolds Promote 3D Hepatic Sheet Morphology." 

Macromolecular Bioscience 2016; 16(3), 314-321.


Lee BH*, Shirahama H*, Tan LP**, Cho NJ**


(* denotes equal first authors ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Efficient and Controllable Synthesis of Highly Substituted Gelatin Methacrylamide for Mechanically Stiff Hydrogels." 

RSC Advances 2015; 5(128), 106094-106097. 


Lee BH, Kim MH, Lee JH, Seliktar D, Cho NJ, Tan LP

"Modulation of Huh 7.5 Spheroid Formation and Functionality using Modified PEG-based Hydrogels of Different Stiffness." 

PLoS ONE 2015; 10(2), e0118123.


Bhardwaj N, Sow WT, Devi D, Ng KW, Mandal BB, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"Silk Fibroin-Keratin Based 3D Scaffolds as a Dermal Substitute for Skin Tissue Engineering." 

Integrative Biology 2014; 7(1), 53-63. 


Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ

"Kinetics of the Maintenance of the Epidermis." 

Central European Journal of Physics 2013; 11(8), 1016-1023.


Mezer AA, Yeatman J, Stikov N, Kay K, Cho NJ, Dougherty RF, Perry ML, Parvizi J, Hua LH, Butts-Pauly K, Wandell B

"Quantifying the Local Tissue Volume and Composition in Individual Brains with Magnetic Resonance Imaging." 

Nature Medicine 2013; 19, 1667-1672.


Lee WJ, Cho NJ, Xiong A, Glenn JS, Frank CW


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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2010; 107(48), 20709-20714.


Huang CJ, Cho NJ, Hsu CJ, Tseng PY, Frank CW, Chang YC

"Type I Collagen-Functionalized Supported Lipid Bilayer as a Cell Culture Platform." 

Biomacromolecules 2010; 11(5), 1231-1240.

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