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Principal Investigator

Translational Materials Innovation Group

 Nanyang Professor

MRS-Singapore Chair

Nam-Joon Cho

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Cho is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. Dr. Cho earned his doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Stanford under the guidance of Professor Curtis W. Frank. During his graduate studies, Dr. Cho first gained an interest in research at the interface of molecular virology and biomaterials. The principal goal of his thesis work was to develop lab-on-a-chip technologies for analysis of viral protein interactions with lipid membranes. Dr. Cho then continued his postdoctoral training in Professor Jeffrey S. Glenn's group in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He applied these engineering technologies to combat the hepatitis C virus (HCV), which affects over 170 million people worldwide. His work has led to significant advances for treating HCV, including new drugs currently in preclinical or clinical trials. In addition, Dr. Cho has pioneered a novel approach to liver tissue engineering that has provided improved methods to study liver disease.

In addition to his leadership of the Translational Science Group, Dr. Cho is active in the NTU community and serves as Deputy Director of the Nanyang Institute of Technology in Health and Medicine (NITHM) as well as Director of NTU's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer program in collaboration with the Asian Research Network. He is also a Principal Investigator at the Singapore- MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and a Visiting Associate Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Cho's passion for translational and regenerative medicine has been recognized by several prestigious international honors and awards from the American Liver Foundation, Beckman Foundation, and leading global universities and companies including Chalmers University of Technology and Roche Ltd. In 2011, Dr. Cho was named an NRF Fellow by the Singapore National Research Foundation, and was also appointed to a Nanyang Associate Professorship. Dr. Cho is also the Founder of infollutionZERO, a global nonprofit organization committed to building a green digital world for future generations by raising awareness of infollution (information + pollution) in digital space and promoting digital literacy.