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My journey with "Engineering in Translational Science" Group was remarkable with specialized conglomerate of cultural diversity, research background, and diverse capabilities. From hydrogel synthesis to artificial liver platforms and lipid bilayers; to complex liposomal formulations for therapeutic and innate immune response evaluations; spike tethered plant derived particulates for drug delivery systems, and more. Enormous efforts and strategic directions by Professor Namjoon Cho was evident by the committed progress in translating research into products. I had fantastic colleagues who were innovative, dynamic, and supportive in research and lab management activities. I realized the role of identification, micro-collaboration, and effective management skills needed to lead toward successful research portfolios and eventually in translating science into products. Unique and boundless opportunity provided by Professor Cho helped me in setting and understanding next generation biomaterials for drug delivery, scaffolds, and sensor applications leading to process inventions and unique publications. The systematic platform in academics as well as commercial was ideal in preparing for my new leadership roles in academic and corporate world.

Dr Raghavendra Mundargi

Senior Research Fellow (2014-2016)


2023 Dr. Soohyun Park

2022 Dr. Ze Zhao

2019 Dr. Youngkyu Hwang

2019 Dr. Teng Fei Fan

2019 Dr. Parthasaradhi Tanguturi

2019 Dr. Bo-Kyeong Yoon

2018 Dr. Sigalit Meker

2018 Dr. Kabir Biswas

2018 Dr. Yan Wang

2018 Dr. Kai Lin Lau

2017 Dr. Joshua A. Jackman

2017 Dr. Lili Wang

2017 Dr. Seyed Tabaei

2016 Dr. Eeetaek Hwang

2016 Dr. Jurriaan Gillissen

2016 Dr. Raghavendra Mundargi

2015 Dr. Jeung Eun Seo

2015 Dr. Myung Hee Kim

2015 Dr. Jae Ho Lee

2014 Dr. Yibang Zhang

2014 Dr. Rathi Saravanan

2014 Dr. Goh Haw Zan

2014 Dr. Jae Hyeok Choi


2021 Sut Tun Naw

2021 Mohammed Shahrudin

2021 Gamaliel Ma

2020 Elba Valle

2020 Gaia Ferracci

2019 Jinn Hokyun

2019 Ahram Kim

2018 Jae Park

2018 Weibeng Ng

2018 Bo-Kyeong Yoon

2018 Arun Kumar Prabhakar

2017 Joonhui Kim

2017 Michael Potroz

2017 Minchul Kim

2017 Seongoh Kim

2017 Setareh Vafaei

2017 Hitomi Shirahama

2016 Saziye Yorulmaz Avsar

2015 Joshua A. Jackman


2023 Arika A Dviwedi

2023 Alexander Giovanni

2023 Hyeonjin Park

2022 Joo'a Moon

2022 Marcus Low

2022 Ziyu Deng

2021 Jia Ying Brenda Tan

2020 Youngkyu Hwang

2020 Ruije Wang

2020 Chen Xiaofei

2020 Lim Zheng Yi

2019 Yoohyun Song

2018 Jun Shen

2017 Liu Lin Wang

2017 Tatsuhiro Maekawa

2017 Makoto Hirohara

2017 Richard Cheng-Chi Wu

2017 Lisa Kawakami

2017 Choi Hyun Joon

2017 Melina Mastradimos

2016 Ekateria Stnkevitch

2016 Takashi Nyu

2016 Stefanie Hackl

2016 Jason Belling

2016 Kavoos Kolahdouzan

2015 Mika Brown

2015 Masahito Mochiduki

2015 Marija Dacic

2015 Danlin Li

2015 Taito Sekine

2014 Won Yong Jeon

2014 Eun Kyul Oh

2014 Ji Yeon Kang

2014 He Da


2018 Ee-Lin Tan

2016 Supriya Kumar


2023 Nagyoung Yi

2020 Yun Yang

2020 An Shu

2020 Young Kyoung Kim

2018 Natalia Mokrzecka

2018 Haram Jung

2017 Michael Corliss

2016 Wenzhuo Zhu

2015 Eric Linardy

2015 Jasminder Kaur

2014 Ryan Shine

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