Job Openings

Translational Materials Innovation Group

Translational Materials Innovation Group (TMIG) group is an international research group in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Projects in the group are focused on engineering approaches to understand biological systems and to treat human diseases. 

The team comes from diverse backgrounds and consists of multidisciplinary fields of expertise. We continuously seek out unique individuals and welcome those that are able to add a new perspective and a new angle to our ongoing projects. We are always looking for outstanding Project Officers, postgraduate students (M.Eng & Ph.D.), and Research Fellows. 

All applicants are required to provide a 7-minute introductory video. Please send the video via email along with your CV or upload it online and provide the URL (if you choose to upload online, please remember to make it accessible for our viewing; do not set it to private). The video should preferably be in MP4, AVI, or MOV format, filmed in landscape mode with your face clearly visible and with good audio. The video must succinctly cover the following points and include slides where relevant:

1. Self-introduction (30 sec)
     •   name, nationality, and location
     •   educational background
     •   professional work experience

2. How you found out about TMIG (30 sec)
3. Reason(s) for choosing to work in Singapore and in NTU (30 sec)
4. Reason(s) for choosing to join TMIG (1 min)
5. Research interests and research experience (2 min with slides)
    •   your research interest and specific field(s) of study you were previously involved in
    •  clear description of your previous research work(s); show results and explain the general significance
    •   noteworthy research outputs or achievements, if any (e.g., high-impact publications, media coverage, patents, etc.)

6. Research aspiration and how you can fit within TMIG (2 min with slides)
    •   specific field(s) of study that you are interested in
    •   your proposed research plan and timeline for working in the group
    •   specific attributes that complement current competencies within the group
    •   expected research outcomes and contributions to the group

7. Future direction (30 sec)
    •   your plans beyond the group (academia or industry, etc.)
    •   how do you see yourself continuing to connect with the group in the future?

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