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Sensor Development

Sensor Development
"First-Line Detection"

With a strong understanding of biological processes at the membrane interface, we develop novel biosensing platforms for the detection of cancer biomarkers by focusing on the design of smart biological interfaces, which comprise a supported lipid bilayer as a critical component linking the substrate and the target recognition element.

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Hwang Y, Ferhan AR, Yoon BK, Sut TN, Jeon WY, Koo DJ, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*

(*denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Surface engineering of plasmonic gold nanoisland platforms for high-sensitivity refractometric biosensing applications.

Applied Materials Today 2021:101280.


Ferhan AR, Hwang Y, Ibrahim MSB, Anand S, Kim A, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*

(*denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Ultrahigh surface sensitivity of deposited gold nanorod arrays for nanoplasmonic biosensing.

Applied Materials Today 2021, 23: 101046.


Lai HY, Setyawati M, Ferhan AR, Divakarla S, Chua HM, Cho NJ, Chrzanowski W, Ng KW

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Ferhan AR, Yoon BK, Jeon WY, Cho NJ

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Nanoscale Advances 2020; 2, 3103-3114.


Ferhan AR*, Yoon BK*, Jeon WY, Jackman JA**, Cho NJ**


(* denotes equal first authors ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Unraveling How Nanoscale Curvature Drives Formation of Lysozyme Protein Monolayers on Inorganic Oxide Surfaces." 

Applied Materials Today 2020; 20, 100729.


Zhao CZ, Xu XB, Ferhan AR, Chiang NH, Jackman JA, Yang Q, Liu WF, Andrews AM*, Cho NJ*, Weiss PS*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Scalable Fabrication of Quasi-One-Dimensional Au Nanoribbons for Plasmonic Sensing." 

Nano Letters 2020; 20, 1747-1754.


Jackman JA, Ferhan AR, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"Surface-Based Nanoplasmonic Sensors for Biointerfacial Science Applications." 

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 2019; 92, 1404-1412.


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Song CK, Oh EK, Kang MS, Shin BS, Han SY, Jung MG, Lee ES, Yoon SY, Sung MM, Ng WB, Cho NJ, Lee HW

"Fluorescence-Based Immunosensor using Three-Dimensional CNT Network Structure for Sensitive and Reproducible Detection of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biomarker." 

Analytica Chimica Acta 2018; 1027, 101-108.


Ferhan AR, Jackman JA, Park JH, Cho NJ*, Kim DH*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Nanoplasmonic Sensors for Detecting Circulating Cancer Biomarkers." 

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2018; 125, 48-77.


Wang L, Jackman JA, Park JH, Tan EL, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"A Flexible, Ultra-Sensitive Chemical Sensor with 3D Biomimetic Templating for Diabetes-Related Acetone Detection.

Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2017; 5(22), 4019-4024.


Jackman JA*, Ferhan AR*, Cho NJ

Cover Illustration

(* denotes equal first authors)

"Nanoplasmonic Sensors for Biointerfacial Science." 

Chemical Society Reviews 2017; 46(12), 3615-3660.


Wang L, Jackman JA, Ng WB, Cho NJ


Cover Illustration

"Flexible, Graphene-Coated Biocomposite for Highly Sensitive, Real-Time Molecular Detection." 

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