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2015 - 2011

Mochiduki M, Oguchi M, Kim SO, Jackman JA, Ogawa T, Lkhamsuren G, Cho NJ*, Hayashi T* (* denotes equal corresponding authors)


 Cover Illustration  'Multipoint Force Feedback' Leveling of Massively Parallel Tip Arrays in Scanning Probe Lithography.

Noh HA, Jung GE, Kim S, Yun SH, Jo A, Kahng SJ, Cho NJ*, Cho SJ*


Elucidating How Bamboo Salt Interacts with Supported Lipid Membranes: Influence of Alkalinity on Membrane Fluidity

Jeong JH, Choi JH, Kim MC, Park JH, Herrin JS, Kim SH, Lee H, Cho NJ


 Cover Illustration  Lamellar Sheet Exfoliation of Single Lipid Vesicles by a Membrane-Active Peptide.

Tabaei SR, Cho NJ


 Cover Illustration  Closed-Loop ARS Mode for Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy with Improved Speed and Stability for Live Cell Imaging Applications.

Jung GE, Noh HA, Shin YK, Kahng SJ, Baik KY, Kim HB, Cho NJ*, Cho SJ*


Biomembrane Fabrication by the Solvent-Assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB) Method.

Tabaei SR, Jackman JA, Kim MC, Yorulmaz S, Vafaei S, Cho NJ


Combination of Pharmacophore Hypothesis and Molecular Docking to Identify Novel Inhibitors Targeting Thumb Site II of HCV NS5B Polymerase.

Amaravadhi H, Li E, Lee JJ, Cho NJ, Yoon HS


Fabrication of Charged Membranes by the Solvent-Assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB) Formation Method on SiO2 and Al2O3.

Tabaei SR, Vafaei S, Cho NJ


Strategies for Enhancing the Sensitivity of Plasmonic Nanosensors.

Guo L, Jackman JA, Yang HH, Chen P, Cho NJ, Kim DH


Solvent-Assisted Lipid Self-Assembly at Hydrophilic Surfaces: Factors Influencing the Formation of Supported Membranes.

Tabaei SR, Jackman JA, Kim SO, Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ


Adsorption of Hyaluronic Acid on Solid Supports: Role of pH and Surface Chemistry in Thin Film Self-Assembly.

Choi JH, Kim SO, Linardy E, Dreaden EC, Zhdanov VP, Hammond PT, Cho NJ


Modulation of Huh 7.5 Spheroid Formation and Functionality using Modified PEG-based Hydrogels of Different Stiffness.

Lee BH, Kim MH, Lee JH, Seliktar D, Cho NJ, Tan LP


Alternative Configuration Scheme for Signal Amplification with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy.

Kim JH, Kim SO, Cho NJ


 Cover Illustration  Correlation between Membrane Partitioning and Functional Activity in a Single Lipid Vesicle Assay Establishes Design Guidelines for Antiviral Peptides.

Jackman JA, Saravanan R, Zhang Y, Tabaei SR, Cho NJ


Contribution of Temperature to Deformation of Adsorbed Vesicles Studied by Nanoplasmonic Biosensing.

Oh EK*, Jackman JA*, Yorulmaz S, Zhdanov VP, Lee H, Cho NJ (* denotes equal corresponding authors)


Peptide‑Induced Formation of a Tethered Lipid Bilayer Membrane on Mesoporous Silica.

Wallin M, Choi JH, Kim SO, Cho NJ, Andersson M


Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bisphosphate is an HCV NS5A Ligand and Mediates Replication of the Viral Genome.

Cho NJ, Lee CH, Pang PS, Sklan EH, Koytak ES, Kay CK, Kanazawa KK, Frank CW, Glenn JS


Self-Assembly Formation of Lipid Bilayer Coatings on Bare Aluminum Oxide: Overcoming the Force of Interfacial Water.

Jackman JA, Tabaei SR, Zhao Z, Yorulmaz S, Cho NJ


 Cover Illustration  Silk Fibroin-Keratin Based 3D Scaffolds as a Dermal Substitute for Skin Tissue Engineering.

Bhardwaj N, Sow WT, Devi D, Ng KW, Mandal BB, Cho NJ


Observation of Stripe Superstructure in the β-Two-Phase Coexistence Region of Cholesterol–Phospholipid Mixtures in Supported Membranes.

Tabaei SR, Jackman JA, Liedberg B, Parikh A, Cho NJ


Formation of Cholesterol-Rich Supported Membranes Using Solvent-Assisted Lipid Self-Assembly.

Tabaei SR, Jackman JA, Kim SO, Liedberg B, Knoll W, Parikh AN, Cho NJ


Effect of a Non-Newtonian Load on Signature S2 for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurements.

Choi JH, Kanazawa K, Cho NJ


Solvent-Assisted Lipid Bilayer Formation on Silicon Dioxide and Gold.

Tabaei SR, Choi JH, Goh HZ, Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ


Bimodal Tumor-Targeting From Microenvironment Responsive Hyaluronan Layer-by-Layer (LbL) Nanoparticles.

Dreaden EC, Morton SW, Shopsowitz KE, Choi JH, Deng ZJ, Cho NJ, Hammond PT


Nanoplasmonic Biosensing for Soft Matter Adsorption: Kinetics of Lipid Vesicle Attachment and Shape Deformation.

Jackman JA, Zhdanov VP, Cho NJ


 Cover Illustration  Controlling Lipid Membrane Architecture for Tunable Nanoplasmonic Biosensing.

Goh HZ*, Jackman JA*, Kim SO, Cho NJ (* denotes equal first authors)


Acid-Catalyzed Kinetics of Indium Tin Oxide Etching.

Choi JH, Kim SO, Hilton DL, Cho NJ


Rupture of Zwitterionic Lipid Vesicles by an Amphipathic, α-Helical Peptide: Indirect Effects of Sensor Surface and Implications for Experimental Analysis.

Goh HZ, Cho NJ


Contribution of the Hydration Force to Vesicle Adhesion on Titanium Oxide.

Jackman JA, Goh HZ, Zhao Z, Cho NJ


AH Peptide-Mediated Formation of Charged Planar Lipid Bilayers.

Goh HZ*, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ (* denotes equal first authors)


Cho NJ*, Hwang LY, Solandt JJR, Frank CW* (*denotes equal corresponding authors)

Materials 2013; 6(8), 3294-3308. 
Invited Special Issue on : Biointerfaces and Materials.


Mezer AA, Yeatman J, Stikov N, Kay K, Cho NJ, Dougherty RF, Perry ML, Parvizi J, Hua LH, Butts-Pauly K, Wandell B


Jackman JA, Knoll W, Cho NJ

Materials 2012; 5(12), 2637-2657.
Invited Special Issue on : Supported Lipid Membranes.


Model Membrane Platforms for Biomedicine: Case Study on Antiviral Drug Development

Jackman JA, Cho NJ


Biophysical Applications of Scanning Ion Conductancce Microscopy (SICM)

Anariba F, Ahn JH, Jung GE, Cho NJ, Cho SJ


pH-Driven Assembly of Various Supported Lipid Platforms: A Comparative Study on Silicon Oxide and Titanium Oxide

Cho NJ, Jackman JA, Liu M, Frank CW


2010 - 2007

Bryson PD, Cho NJ, Einav S, Lee CH, Tai V, Bechtel J, Sivaraja M, Roberts C, Schmitz U, Glenn JS


 Cover Illustration  Employing Two Different Quartz Crystal Microbalance Models To Study Changes in Viscoelastic Behavior upon Transformation of Lipid Vesicles to a Bilayer on a Gold Surface

Cho NJ, Kanazawa KK, Glenn JS, Frank CW


Cho NJ, Cho SJ, Cheong KH, Glenn JS, Frank CW

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2007; 129(33), 10050-10051.


Cho NJ, Cheong KH, Lee CH, Frank CW, Glenn JS

Journal of Virology 2007; 81(12), 6682-6689.


Cho NJ, Cho SJ, Hardesty JO, Glenn JS, Frank CW

Langmuir 2007; 23(21), 10855-10863.


Cho NJ, D'Amour JN, Stalgren J, Knoll W, Kanazawa KK, Frank CW

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 1; 315(1), 248-254.


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