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Protein Adsorption

Protein Adsorption
"Molecular-Level Understanding from Fundamental Research"

We adopt a materials engineering approach to understanding how the conformational stability of proteins in solution can impact protein adsorption using state-of-the-art characterization techniques. Our studies are aimed at improving surface passivation along with a wide range of other biological-related applications.

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Ma GJ, Yoon BK, Sut TN, Yoo KY, Lee SH, Jeon WY, Jackman JA*, Ariga K*, Cho NJ* 

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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View, 2021: 20200078. 


Yoon BK*, Ma GJ*, Park H, Ferhan AR, Cho NJ**, Jackman JA**

(* denotes equal first authors, ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

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(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Park H, Ma GJ, Yoon BK, Cho NJ*, Jackman JA*

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Park JH, Jackman JA, Ferhan AR, Belling JN, Mokrzecka N, Weiss PS*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Ma GJ, Ferhan AR, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Langmuir 2020; 36,10606–10614.


Ma GJ, Ferhan AR, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Conformational Flexibility of Fatty Acid-Free Bovine Serum Albumin Proteins Enables Superior Antifouling Coatings.

Nature Communications Materials 2020; 1, 45.


Tan JYB*, Yoon BK*, Ma GJ, Sut TN, Cho NJ**, Jackman JA**


(* denotes equal first authors  ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Unraveling How Ethanol-Induced Conformational Changes Affect BSA Protein Adsorption onto Silica Surfaces." 

Langmuir 2020; 36, 9215-9224.


Ma GJ, Ferhan AR, Sut TN, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


Cover Illustration

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Understanding How Natural Sequence Variation in Serum Albumin Proteins Affects Conformational Stability and Protein Adsorption." 

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Park JH*, Ferhan AR*, Jackman JA, Cho NJ


(* denotes equal first authors)

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Park JH*, Sut TN*, Jackman JA, Ferhan AR, Yoon BK, Cho NJ


(* denotes equal first authors)

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(* denotes equal first authors)

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