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Other Publications


Deng Z, Deng Q, Li B, Li J, Jung S**, Cho NJ***, Liang H*
(* denotes corresponding authors)

"Strategies for lactase immobilization and delivery to relieve lactose intolerance" 

Trends in Food Science & Technology 143 (2024) 104244


Nam-Joon Cho

"Preparing for tomorrow with materials today" 

Materials Today, 2022.


Yoon BK, Tae H, Jackman JA, Guha S, Kagan CR, Margenot AJ, Rowland DL, Weiss PS, Cho NJ

"Entrepreneurial Talent Building for 21st Century Agricultural Innovation" 

ACS Nano 2021, 15, 7: 10748-10758. 


Jackman JA, Gentile DA, Cho NJ, Park Y

"Addressing the Digital Skills Gap for Future Education.

Nature Human Behaviour, 2021.


Bhattacharjeea A, Easwaran A, Leow MKS, Cho NJ

"Evaluation of an Artificial Pancreas in In Silico Patients with Online-Tuned Internal Model Control." 

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 2018; 41, 198-209.


Yu Z, Erbas A, Tantakitti F, Palmer LC, Jackman JA, de la Cruz MO, Cho NJ*, Stupp SI*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Co-assembly of Peptide Amphiphiles and Lipids into Supramolecular Nanostructures Driven by Anion−π Interactions." 

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017; 139(23), 7823-7830.


Xue B, Easwaran A, Cho NJ, Franzle M

"Reach-Avoid Verification for Nonlinear Systems Based on Boundary Analysis." 

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 2017; 62(7), 3518-3523.


Jackman JA, Cho DJ, Lee JW, Chen JM, Besenbacher F, Bonnell DA, Hersam MC, Weiss PS*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

"Nanotechnology Education for the Global World: Training the Leaders of Tomorrow." 

ACS Nano 2016; 10(6), 5595-5599. 

highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology as a Research Highlight.


Kroon J, Kooijman S, Cho NJ, Storm G, van der Pluijm

"Improving Taxane-Based Chemotherapy in Castration-Resistant Prostrate Cancer.

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2016; 37(6), 451-462.


Inayathullah M, Tan A, Jeyaraj R, Lam J, Cho NJ, Liu CW, Manoukian MAC, Ashkan K, Mahmoudi M, Rajadas J

"Self-Assembly and Sequence Length Dependence on Nanofibrils of Polyglutamine Peptides.

Neuropeptides 2016; 57, 71-83.


Choi JH, Kim SO, Linardy E, Dreaden E, Zhdanov VP, Hammond P, Cho NJ

"Influence of pH and Surface Chemistry on Poly(l-lysine) Adsorption onto Solid Supports Investigated by Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring." 

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2015; 119(33), 10554-10565.


Choi JH, Kim SO, Linardy E, Dreaden EC, Zhdanov VP, Hammond PT, Cho NJ

"Adsorption of Hyaluronic Acid on Solid Supports: Role of pH and Surface Chemistry in Thin Film Self-Assembly." 

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015; 448, 197-207.


Dreaden EC, Morton SW, Shopsowitz KE, Choi JH, Deng ZJ, Cho NJ, Hammond PT

"Bimodal Tumor-Targeting From Microenvironment Responsive Hyaluronan Layer-by-Layer (LbL) Nanoparticles." 

ACS Nano 2014; 8(8), 8374–8382.


Choi JH, Kim SO, Hilton DL, Cho NJ


"Acid-Catalyzed Kinetics of Indium Tin Oxide Etching." 

Thin Solid Films 2014; 565, 179-185.


Zhao H, Ong WQ, Zhou F, Fang X, Chen X, Li SFY, Su H, Cho NJ, Zeng H

"Chiral Crystallization of Aromatic Helical Foldamers via Complementarities in Shape and End Functionalities." 

Chemical Science 2012; 3(6), 2042-2046.

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