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Infectious Diseases - Antimicrobial

Infectious Diseases-Antibacterial

With the growing challenges of drug-resistant bacteria and the need for new classes of antibiotics,  we are developing various classes of nanostructured antibacterial agents for healthcare and biotechnology applications. Using our engineering strategies, we explore their potential as next-generation antibacterial solutions while gaining mechanistic insights.

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Jackman JA*, Yoon BK*, Mokrzecka N, Kohli GS, Valle-González ER, Zhu X, Pumera M, Rice SA, Cho NJ

(* denotes equal first authors)

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Sut TN*, Valle-González ER*, Yoon BK*, Park S, Jackman JA**, Cho NJ**

(* denotes equal first authors, ** denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Yoon BK, Park H, Zhdanov VP, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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in a Supported Lipid Bilayer and Antimicrobial Testing Applications.

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2020; 112768.


Yoon BK, Park S, Ma GJ, Kolahdouzan K, Zhdanov VP, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Yoon BK, Park S, Jackman JA*, Cho NJ*


(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Special Issue on "Molecular Signaling and Nanobiotechnology: Prospects for Future Antimicrobial Therapy".


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(* denotes equal first authors)

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(* denotes equal first authors)

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Special Issue on "Chlamydia-like Bacteria: Evolution, Pathogenicity, Diagnostics and Treatment". 


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