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"See You Again in Seoul"

"President Yoon Fulfills His Promise... 300 Korean Scientists Gather in Gangnam. 1st World Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference: Fostering Global Collaboration for Advancing South Korea's Science and Technology"


The '1st World Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference,' which took place at the Korea Science and Technology Center in Gangnam, Seoul until the 7th, garnered significant attention. This event brought together over 300 Korean scientists and engineers from around the world, along with 700 domestic scientists and engineers, for discussions on the direction of South Korea's scientific development.

The event kicked off with a welcoming ceremony on the 4th and continued with specialized sessions from the 5th to the 6th, where Korean scientists and engineers, both local and abroad, gathered to freely discuss technological trends in various fields such as aerospace, advanced mobility, artificial intelligence, hydrogen and secondary batteries, next-generation nuclear power, advanced bio, quantum, next-generation communications, semiconductors, and displays.

With the participation of Korean experts active abroad and the highest level of domestic professionals coming together, this event is expected to be held regularly, providing a platform for international collaboration and knowledge sharing, and contributing significantly to South Korea's scientific and technological development.


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