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Overseas Korean Scholars' Perspective on the Solution to the 'Medical School Rush'

"Fostering Young Talent and Shaping a Nation's Destiny: Insights from Global renowned Korean Scholars"


It was my great honor to be invited to the 1st Global Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference, where renowned overseas Korean scholars, originally from Korea, shared their thoughts on the issue of young Koreans' rush to medical schools and discussed possible solutions. We all agreed on the critical role that scientific and technological competitiveness plays in shaping the destiny of a nation. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing young talents, we reached a consensus that addressing the issue of "making a living" for our juniors is paramount. 

As part of the Science Talk Concert held during the 1st Global Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference at the Korea Science and Technology Center in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on the 5th, a diverse group of global Korean scholars who had returned to their homeland shared their perspectives on the future development of both the world and South Korea.

I highlighted the necessity of interdisciplinary research, based on my own experiences, in breaking down barriers between research fields. For instance, during my undergraduate years, I majored in civil engineering, pursued materials engineering for my master's and Ph.D., and engaged in bio-research during my post-doc. I believe that to address the challenges of our future society, we need not only to specialize in one field but also to embrace interdisciplinary research and maintain a pioneering spirit.


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