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"K-Advanced Technology Combines with Indonesian Agriculture... Infinite Effects of Cross-Economy

"Indonesia has more people engaged in agriculture than the entire population of South Korea"


Indonesia has more people engaged in agriculture than the entire population of South Korea. Moeldoko, Chief of Staff to the President of Indonesia, highlighted this during the panel discussion on the Korea-Indonesia Green Digital Economy Platform, emphasizing that agriculture is a crucial economic pillar for Indonesia. However, due to low income, young people are gradually turning away from agriculture. 

Moeldoko, who is seeking to integrate AI, digital, and technological innovations into Indonesian agriculture, is doing so to overcome this reality. If Korea's advanced technology and Indonesia's abundant agricultural resources come together, it can bring hope and prosperity to Indonesia's 62 million farmers. 

The recent summit meeting between President Yoon Suk-yeol and President Joko Widodo in Jakarta, stating that green and digital economies were among the top priorities for both countries. The synergy between green and digital could address issues like poverty, hunger, food security, and cyber threats. 

He also referred to the transformative power of the synergy between green and digital as "Cross Economy" and emphasized the importance of transformation. He said, "If there's one word that defines Cross Economy, it's 'transformation.' By combining AI, technology, creativity, and more, we can create new businesses." 

The GDEP, which Moeldoko was attending that day, combines Korea's technology with Indonesia's abundant resources to drive digital innovation in agriculture, climate, and carbon trading – a green digital economic platform. 

On September 13, 2023, during the launch event, following Moeldoko's speech, a panel discussion took place. Kim Sang-hyup, Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth, Moeldoko, as well as myself, Park Yoo-hyun, CEO of DQ Institute, and Bae Soon-min, Executive at KT, participated in the discussion. 

The GDEP, a result of collaboration between the two countries, is a business collaboration platform that combines digital economy and sustainability. It represents one of the outcomes of the 24th Korea-ASEAN Summit held on September 6, focusing on promoting green and digital economies, science, technology, innovation, and carbon neutrality. 

Moeldoko's speech and the panel discussion were prepared for the launch of GDEP. Moeldoko currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the President and also holds the positions of Chairman of Maju Tani and the Farmers' Association (HKTI), showing his dedication to the development of Indonesian agriculture. His activities involve integrating advanced technology with agriculture, inducing the interest of young people in agriculture through initiatives like agriculture and metaverse integration, and focusing on policy measures to increase the income levels in Indonesian agriculture."


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