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Indonesia-Korea collaborative platform to empower farmers

"Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP): Transforming Sustainability and Digital Innovation with Korean-Indonesian Partnership"


The Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP), spearheaded by HumanX, a global partnership promoting human-centered technology, was officially unveiled on Friday with the endorsement of Dr. Moeldoko, Indonesia's Presidential Chief of Staff. 

The GDEP represents a unique business collaboration platform that goes beyond the traditional "circular economy" framework by pioneering the innovative "cross economy" model, aligning the digital economy with sustainability. 

Leveraging Korea's technological advancements, Indonesia's vast market and resources, and global research and development (R&D) and investments, the GDEP is poised to drive transformative digital innovations spanning agritech, climate-tech, and carbon trading. The multifaceted impacts on the digital economy and sustainability will be tracked through the Digital-ESG Index, led by the Taskforce on Digital-Related Financial Disclosure. 

The platform also aims to create an ecosystem where both Indonesian and Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups can thrive and potentially achieve "unicorn" status, denoting unlisted startups with a valuation of at least $1 billion. This ambition will be realized through technology R&D, intellectual property, and expertise contributed by leading Korean and international universities and companies, along with foreign investments and government support. 

North Kalimantan, Indonesia, has been chosen as the platform's testing ground, serving as a vital national and global knowledge dissemination hub. Through the GDEP, farmers will receive training in digital literacy and skills, gaining access to cutting-edge practices and technologies, including meta-farming. 

Dr. Moeldoko remarked, "This platform will facilitate a new era of collaboration between our two nations, and together, our nations will prosper."


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