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Green Digital Economy Platform Launched to Empower 62 million Indonesian Farmers with AI and Technology

"Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP) Launched with Support from Indonesia's Presidential Chief of Staff"


• Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP): The GDEP, endorsed by Dr. Moeldoko, Indonesia's Presidential Chief of Staff, represents a significant milestone in Indonesia and Korea's joint efforts to promote sustainability, enhance digital well-being, and advance the digital economy. 

• Synergy of Resources: By harnessing Korea's technological advancements, Indonesia's abundant market and resources, as well as global research and development (R&D) and investments, the GDEP is positioned to drive transformative digital innovations spanning agri-tech, climate-tech, and carbon trading. 

• International Collaboration: This platform is the result of an international collaboration involving key players such as HumanX, the Maju Tani Movement, and the DQ Institute. 

The launch of the Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP) on September 13, 2023, marks a groundbreaking international initiative. Dr. Moeldoko, Indonesia's Presidential Chief of Staff, has endorsed this launch, underscoring its significance in propelling Indonesia and Korea towards sustainability, digital well-being, and economic advancement. 

The GDEP serves as a unique business collaboration platform that pioneers the "cross economy" model, extending beyond the confines of the traditional "circular economy" framework. 

Dr. Yuhyun Park, the founder of HumanX and DQ Institute, stated, "Our goal is to establish an innovative collaboration platform that empowers Indonesian farmers to realize substantial triple economic benefits by integrating digitalization and engaging in carbon trading, thereby significantly diversifying their income sources."


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