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Building the FoodTech Startup Ecosystem - Beyond Borders

"Revolutionizing FoodTech: Redefining Materials and Shaping the Future"  


The '2023 Global FoodTech Startup Conference,' held from the 26th to the 28th of last month at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was an event attended by agricultural and food industry stakeholders, including Chairman Lee Gi-won of the Korea FoodTech Association, Director Cho Young-jun of the Sustainable Management Institute at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director Baek Hyeong-hee of the Korea Food Research Institute, and Director No Su-hyun of the Korea Rural Development Administration, to explore the direction and growth potential of FoodTech, which has emerged as a new powerhouse in the Korean industry. 

I participated in this forum and stated, "Just as cuisine can vary greatly depending on how ingredients are prepared, the value of FoodTech can differ depending on how materials are processed," adding, "As the industry evolves, we must redefine the utility of materials, so recognizing diversity and creating something new will undoubtedly drive the advancement of FoodTech." 

Furthermore, I emphasized, "Creating and implementing standards ahead of others will foster an atmosphere where this trend is followed," and highlighted, "As competitiveness hinges on whether we create or merely follow rules, it's crucial to determine what rules to establish and how to implement them effectively."


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