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Bringing Together the Global Korean Scholars - The Inauguration of the Global Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference

"Unveiling the Global Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference: Fostering Innovation, Diversity, and International Collaboration in Science and Technology"


I fondly remember the day when the curtains rose at the inaugural Global Korean Scientists and Engineers Conference, the largest gathering of scientists and technologists worldwide, including Koreans from all corners of the globe. It was a significant day when many dedicated Korean scientists, both from overseas and within Korea, converged to collaborate under the banner of our shared heritage. 

During the talk concert on that day, I engaged in a spirited discussion with other esteemed scholars about what is necessary for the sustainable development of science and technology in South Korea. 

I emphasized the importance of ensuring a guaranteed return on investment in research and development (R&D) in the field of science and technology, along with fostering diversity. It's a matter of creating the right environment for growth.

Throughout the event, insights on advancing our science and technology sector were continuously shared. The government, scientific organizations, and overseas Korean associations, including myself, anticipate that this conference will serve as a foundation for domestic technological innovation and globalization through communication with leading scientists from around the world. 

I also affirm my commitment to facilitating global scientific networks by creating platforms for collaborative research and cooperation among domestic and international institutions and scientists.


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