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'21st Microbiome National Assembly Research Meeting' 2nd Forum

"Experts Discuss Microbiome's Role in Future Society and Environmental Innovations."


Korea Congress held the 2nd Microbiome Congressional Research Forum: Experts Discuss Microbiome's Role in Future Society and Environmental Innovations. A lot of Korean politicians including Sim Sang-Jung from the Justice Party agreed on the significance of the Microbiome science field for developing Korean society at the Grand Auditorium of the Seoul National Assembly Library.

The forum featured discussions on key topics related to the current state and future of the microbiome. Among them were presentations on the relevance of the microbiome to future society, the integration and utilization of biochar and soil microbiomes, as well as the current status and prospects of next-generation therapeutic technologies based on the microbiome. Eminent scholars and experts shared their knowledge and insights during these sessions.

During the forum, I had the privilege to present on the topic of "Microbiome and the Future Society." I discussed the “Cross Economy” concept that utilizes resources such as pollen from forests and farms to develop environmentally friendly materials like paper and sponges, contributing to carbon neutrality (Cho, N. J. (2022). Preparing for tomorrow with materials today. Materials Today, 61, 1-3.,

The groundbreaking ideas and research shared during this event are pivotal in shaping a brighter future. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who organized and participated in this forum. Your collaboration and knowledge sharing have been instrumental in preparing for the future. We look forward to more innovative research and advancements ahead.


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