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Our team represents a diversity of backgrounds and experiences from around the world. Together we share a common vision to use engineering approaches to solve challenging biomedical problems and to combat infectious diseases. We place a strong emphasis on translational medicine including clinical diagnostics, functional characterization, and antiviral drug discovery and development.


The Engineering in Translational Science Group (ETS) has a common goal to develop innovative solutions for global health problems based on engineering strategies. Our team brings together expertise from engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and medical science in order to understand emerging clinical problems at the molecular scale and to apply this knowledge to the creation of medical technologies that improve human health.

One of the most significant health problems driving the research at ETS deals with infectious diseases for which time is limited and whose impact is global. Throughout history, infectious diseases have shaped population demographics, hindered economic potential, and most critically robbed far too many individuals of their lives. Despite advances in therapeutic drugs and tools, much work remains towards the eradication of infectious diseases.

Our research strategies are inspired by fundamental science and engineering approaches to combat infectious diseases by discovering new drug targets and creating more effective antiviral therapies. The rationale is simple and pragmatic. We embrace the scientific vision of bench to bedside and recognize the need to address critical health problems with solutions readily translatable to the real world.

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