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Therapeutic Treatment of Zika Virus Infection Using a Brain-Penetrating Antiviral Peptide.

Jackman JA, Costa VV, Park S, Real ALCV, Park JH, Cardozo PL, Ferhan AR, Olmo IG, Poreira TP, Bambirra JL, Queiroz VF, Queiroz-Junior CM, Foureaux G, Souza DG, Ribeiro FM, Yoon BK, Wynendaele E, De Spiegeleer B, Teixeira MM, Cho NJ

Nature Materials 2018; 17, 971–977.

Highlighted by Nature paper on "HELVES FOR THE NEXT PANDEMIC: Despite previous warnings, drug makers failed to prepare a stockpile of compounds to fight viral pandemics. Can they finally do the right thing?" Elie Dolgin (Nature 2021; 592, 340-343

Highlighted by accompanying News & Views piece on "Targeting vesicle size: An amphipathic peptide has been engineered and is capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier as well as possessing a potent antiviral activity against Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses." Zing Zou, Pei-Yong Shi (Nature Materials 2018; 17, 950-957)

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- NTU scientists discover new drug to fight Zika virus. The Straits Times, 24 Oct 2018
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Characterizing How Acidic pH Conditions Affect the Membrane-Disruptive Activities of Lauric Acid and Glycerol Monolaurate.

Valle-González ER, Jackman JA, Yoon BK, Park S, Sut TN, Cho NJ


Nanoplasmonic Ruler for Measuring Separation Distance Between Supported Lipid Bilayer and Oxide Surfaces.

Ferhan AR, Špačková B, Jackman JA, Ma GJ, Sut TN, Homola J, Cho NJ


Temperature-Induced Denaturation of BSA Protein Molecules for Improved Surface Passivation Coatings.

Park JH, Jackman JA, Ferhan AR, Ma GJ, Yoon BK, Cho NJ


Nanoarchitectonic-Based Material Platforms for Environmental and Bioprocessing Applications.

Ariga K, Jackman JA, Cho NJ, Hsu SH, Shrestha LK, Mori T, Takeya J


Macromolecular Microencapsulation using Pine Pollen: Loading Optimization and Controlled Release with Natural Materials.

Prabhakar AK, Potroz MG, Tan EL, Jung H, Park JH, Cho NJ


Fabrication of Multicomponent, Spatially Segregated DNA and Protein-Functionalized Supported Membrane Microarray.

Biswas K, Cho NJ, Groves JT


Membrane Reconstitution of Monoamine Oxidase Enzymes on Supported Lipid Bilayers.

Wang LL*, Biswas K*, Yoon BK, Kawakami L, Park S, Groves JT, Li L, Huang W, Cho NJ (* denotes equal first authors)


Human iPS Derived Progenitors Bioengineered into Liver Organoids using an Inverted Colloidal Crystal Poly(ethylene glycol) Scaffold.

Ng SS, Saeb-Parsy K, Segal J, Serra MP, Catanese MT, Blackford S, Lopez MH, No DY, Nakauchi H, Frank CW, Cho NJ, Glenn JS, Rashid ST


Hydrolytic Stability of Methacrylamide and Methacrylate in Gelatin Methacryloyl and Decoupling of Gelatin Methacrylamide from Gelatin Methacryloyl through Hydrolysis.

Zheng J, Zhu M, Ferracci G, Cho NJ*, Lee BH* (* denotes equal corresponding authors)


Amyloid-β Peptide Triggers Membrane Remodeling in Supported Lipid Bilayers Depending on Their Hydrophobic Thickness.

Meker S, Chin H, Sut TN, Cho NJ


Materials Nanoarchitectonics for Mechanical Tools in Chemical and Biological Sensing.

Jackman JA, Cho NJ, Nishikawa M, Yoshikawa G, Mori T, Shrestha LK, Ariga K


 Cover Illustration  Spatially Controlled Molecular Encapsulation in Natural Pine Pollen Microcapsules.

Prabhakar AK, Potroz MG, Park S, Miyako E, Cho NJ


Envisioning Scientific Innovation in Korea's Demilitarized Zone: A Step toward Economic Progress and Global Peace.

Yoon JL, Weiss PS, Cho NJ


Targeting the Achilles Heel of Zika Virus and Other Emerging Viral Pathogens.

Jackman JA, Cho NJ


Nanoplasmonic Sensing Architectures for Decoding Membrane Curvature-Dependent Biomacromolecular Interactions.

Ferhan AR, Jackman JA, Malekian B, Xiong K, Emilsson G, Park S, Dahlin AB, Cho NJ


Extraction of Cage-Like Sporopollenin Exine Capsules from Dandelion Pollen Grains.

Fan TF, Park JH, Pham QA, Tan EL, Mudargi RC, Potroz MG, Jung HR, Cho NJ


Quantitative Comparison of Protein Adsorption and Conformational Changes on Dielectric-Coated Nanoplasmonic Sensing Arrays.

Ferhan AR, Jackman JA, Sut TN, Cho NJ

Sensors 2018; 18(4), 1283.
Special Issue : Biosensing for Interfacial Science.


Fluorescence-Based Immunosensor using Three-Dimensional CNT Network Structure for Sensitive and Reproducible Detection of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biomarker.

Song CK, Oh EK, Kang MS, Shin BS, Han SY, Jung MG, Lee ES, Yoon SY, Sung MM, Ng WB, Cho NJ, Lee HW


Antibacterial Free Fatty Acids and Monoglycerides: Biological Activities, Experimental Testing, and Therapeutic Applications.

Yoon BK, Jackman JA, Valle-González ER, Cho NJ

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2018; 19(4), 1114.
Special Issue : Molecular Signaling and Nanobiotechnology: Prospects for Future Antimicrobial Therapy


Membrane Adaptation Limitations in Enterococcus faecalis Underlie Sensitivity and the Inability to Develop Significant Resistance to Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes.

Chilambi GS, Gao I, Yoon BK, Park S, Kawakami L, Ravikumar V, Chan-Park M, Cho NJ, Bazan G, Kline K, Rice S, Hinks J


 Cover Illustration  Light‐Induced Surface Modification of Natural Plant Microparticles: Toward Colloidal Science and Cellular Adhesion Applications.

Tan EL, Potroz MG, Ferracci G, Jackman JA, Jung HR, Wang L, Cho NJ


Hybrid Biomimetic Interfaces Integrating Supported Lipid Bilayers with Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Components.

Vafaei S, Tabaei S, Guneta V, Choong C, Cho NJ


Interfacial Forces Dictate Pathway of Phospholipid Vesicle Adsorption onto Silicon Dioxide Surfaces.

Biswas KH, Jackman JA, Park JH, Groves JT, Cho NJ


Preserving the Inflated Structure of Lyophilized Sporopollenin Exine Capsules with Polyethylene Glycol Osmolyte.

Corliss MK, Bok CK, Mundargi RC, Gillissen JJ, Potroz MG, Jung HR, Tan EL, Cho NJ


Self-Association and Conformational Variation of NS5A Domain 1 of Hepatitis C Virus.

Beldar S, Manimekalai MSS, Cho NJ, Baek KH, Gruber G, Yoon HS


Nanoplasmonic Sensors for Detecting Circulating Cancer Biomarkers.

Ferhan AR, Jackman JA, Park JH, Cho NJ*, Kim DH* (* denotes equal corresponding authors)


Complement Activation in Vitro and Reactogenicity of Low-Molecular Weight Dextran-Coated SPIONs in the Pig CARPA Model: Correlation with Physicochemical Features and Clinical Information.

Fülöp TG, Nemes R, Mészáros T, Urbanics R, Kok RJ, Jackman JA, Cho NJ, Storm G, Szebeni J


A Numerical Study on the Effect of Particle Surface Coverage on the Quartz Crystal Microbalance Response.

Gillissen JJ, Jackman JA, Tabaei SR, Cho NJ


Effect of Glucose on the Mobility of Membrane-Adhering Liposomes.

Gillissen JJ*, Tabaei SR*, Jackman JA, Cho NJ (* denotes equal first authors)


Evaluation of an Artificial Pancreas in In Silico Patients with Online-Tuned Internal Model Control.

Bhattacharjee A, Easwaran A, Leow MKS, Cho NJ


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