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Dr. Sigalit Meker Presents: Patterned Lipid Bilayers on Titanium Dioxide

Dr. Sigalit Meker was enjoying her family vacation on sunny Sentosa Beach when she got the email: “Hi Sigi. What have you been working on this month? The group wants you to share your work when you get back.” Alas, life is work, and work is life - at ETS. Dr. Meker arrived early and eager to share her research this morning. Outfitted in a clean pink blouse and matching pink coffee cup, Dr. Meker smiled as she introduced us to a new concept: “Patterned Lipid Bilayers on Titanium Dioxide.” Dr. Meker first refreshed our newest members with the concept lipid bilayer fabrication at the molecular level. Typical Quartz-Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D) substrates such as silicon dioxide


Nanyang Technological University, Centre for Biomimetic Sensor Science

Research Techno Plaza, 50 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637553 Singapore

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