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Hard Pollen: “Practically Indestructible Materials”

Pollen represents one of nature’s most durable materials, which can be easily obtained at low cost. We explore pollen as a natural alternative to polymer synthesis and focus our research on pollen processing and utilizing pollen-based materials in various fields such as drug delivery, food technology, tissue engineering, and beyond.  


Fan TF*, Hwang Y*, Potroz MG, Tan EL, Lau KL, Tan EL, Ibrahim MS, Miyako E, Cho NJ

(* denotes equal first authors)

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Prabhakar AK, Potroz MG, Park S, Miyako E, Cho NJ

 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


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 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


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 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


Prabhakar AK, Ying H, Potroz MG, Corliss MK, Park JH, Mundargi RC, Cho DH, Bang SI*, Cho NJ*

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

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Potroz MG, Mundargi RC, Gillissen JJ, Tan EL, Meker S, Park JH, Jung HR, Park S, Cho DH, Bang SI*, Cho NJ*

(* denotes equal corresponding authors)

 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


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Supporting Information


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(* denotes equal first authors)

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Supporting Information


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 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


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Supporting Information


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Supporting Information


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 Cover Illustration 

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Supporting Information


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Supporting Information

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